My son called me from Carmax and said he had found the car he wanted, but there was at least a two to three hour wait to see a sales rep. The greeter apologized and told him, “Saturday is our busiest day. Can you come back Monday when we’re not so busy?”

My son thought if he waited, the car would be sold. I told him to just write down the stock number and that I would be right there. Upon entering Carmax, I speed dialed their number on my cell and watched the receptionist answer the call.

“This is Mr. Phillips,” I said. “Before I drive all the way over there, please check and see if stock number 574832 is still available?” She said, “Let me connect you with a sales rep.” From about ten feet away, I heard a voice say, “Hello, Mr. Phillips. My name is George. How may I help you?”

To George’s amusing surprise, I reached out and shook hands with him, while still talking to him on the phone. I said, “Hi, George, we want to buy a car!” George laughed and said, “Thought I’d seen everything! But this is a first!” A few delightful minutes later my son drove away smiling and waving good buy in his brand new used car!

(See “Wanted” on page on page 30.)

How to Get What You Want ... by Thinking Outside the Box!