First decide what product or service you want to provide. Then, seek potential buyers or clients. Since you are not looking for investors at this point, you do not need a comprehensive business plan or detailed financial projection. For starters, all you really need is a good idea! Keep it simple. Everything else can follow. Over the years, I have started more than a dozen successful businesses with little or no money.

A good example is Canyon Creek, a massive, four-thousand acre housing development in the communities of Richardson and Plano, Texas. When this gigantic project first broke ground in the sixties, major tract-home builders rushed in to start construction, while smaller, individual, custom home builders continued to be active in other areas of Dallas.

That is when I came up with a game changing idea. I contacted twenty-seven custom builders and asked them if they would build a home in Canyon Creek with an all-electric Gold Medallion kitchen, if I could get them $5,000.00 of free advertising. Since that was big money back then, they all said, “Yes”, and signed exclusive letters of intent with me.

Then I presented these impressive Letters of Intent to Dallas Power and Light Company and asked if they would invest $5,000 in advertising for each custom home we build in Canyon Creek, featuring their new, “All-Electric Gold Medallion Kitchen”. They loved the idea and immediately gave me an initial advertising budget of $135,000. This was just the beginning. More and more custom home builders signed up for this program and my advertising budget grew to more than a million dollars!

Today, whenever I drive through Canyon Creek, a huge, sprawling, meticulously maintained, upscale community, it gives me great pleasure, knowing that I started a business with no money that resulted in thousands of beautiful, custom homes.

(See “Dare to Be Rare Attractions” on Page 91)

How to Get What You Want ... by Thinking Outside the Box!