Are you Working too hard? That “someday”, when you can finally relax and take it easy could be here right now! All you have to do is work smarter – not harder.

Start by simply analyzing, organizing and prioritizing your schedule. Then, schedule all non-emergency appointments and activities on the same two or three days only. This includes all doctors, dentists, service repairman and deliveries. You will find most everyone willing to adjust or rearrange their schedules to accommodate yours. It is best if you never ask anyone when you may schedule an appointment or delivery. Instead, tell them when you are available.

If service providers give you a two to four hour window, don’t wait around for them. Just have them call you 30 minutes prior to their anticipated arrival. By controlling your clock and your calendar, and consolidating seven days of scattered appointments into only two or three days of efficient scheduling, you will free up additional hours to enjoy the fun things you never seem to have time to do.

The same strategy applies to errands and shopping. Do everything you can on certain days that are more convenient for you. Here is a suggestion: Pick days other than Monday or Friday. Before and after the weekend, are usually the busiest days. There are many savvy “Street-Smart” ways to save time, money and frustration by working smarter – not harder.

(See “Working Hard … or Hardly Working” on page 116)

How to Get What You Want ... by Thinking Outside the Box!