Teaching kids responsibility can be a chore. Or it can be many chores. When you give children the opportunity to earn money, by doing chores, they will someday thank you for it! All you have to do is show them how they can earn money in order to get the things they want. It could be helping with the dishes, cleaning up the house, washing the car, raking up the leaves or many other helpful things. What really matters is that they know they are actually earning that money.

On the other hand, giving kids an allowance for doing nothing, will in no way help them in the future. In fact, it could hurt them, especially if they continue to think they are entitled to get something for nothing, in one form or another, for the rest of their lives. However, working just a little bit can work wonders. It can help little ones develop more confidence because there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment a child experiences after completing a job or a project. And when you praise them for their efforts on a job well done – even if it isn’t – they will be motivated to do even better the next time.

My son, like all kids, wanted those hot new toys, games and other special things. But, never once did I say, “Maybe Santa will get that for you.” Sure, we all know that Santa keeps a list of who’s naughty or nice. But my son became even nicer when I gave him the opportunity to get what he wanted now. You might be surprised to find that sometimes children will even volunteer to do chores for things they really, really want.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to beg them to clean up their room or take out the trash? Well, you won’t if you make the proposal their offer to you. Then, get it in writing and have them sign it. That way, if they should ever balk or neglect to do chores, just whip out that “Agreement” and remind them that this was their proposal, not yours.

They will most likely keep their word and resume doing chores. My grown son gives me credit for his positive work ethic and early success. He was only five when I taught him the facts of life – not about the birds and the bees – but about the money that does not grow on trees! This is a teaching lesson, like no other, that helps prepare kids for the real world.

How to Get What You Want ... by Thinking Outside the Box!